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Veeam Data Platform — Premium Edition
Accelerate Recovery & Resiliency

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Modernize your backup, eliminate data loss and downtime, and protect your data against ransomware with:

  • Secure backup and fast, reliable recovery
  • Proactive monitoring, alerting and analytics
  • Proven recovery orchestration

Accelerate Recovery & Resiliency with Veeam Data Platform

Major outages can cause big risk for your company's reputation and revenue. With each minute of downtime, critical data won't be accessible to your business.

How Veeam Keeps Your Business Running

Veeam® ensures your organizational resiliency through an expansive platform that provides you with data security, data recovery and data freedom for your hybrid cloud.

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Data Security

Stay confident that your data is always protected with multi‑layered security.

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Data Recovery

Recover exactly what you need, where and when you need it.

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Data Freedom

Protect all your data anywhere, in any way, with zero lock‑in.

Why You Need Data Resiliency


of companies have experienced at least one ransomware attack in the past year.


use manual processes to recover their data after an outage.


are moderately to extremely concerned about cloud security.

Cloud, Virtual and Physical Environments


Veeam Data Platform natively protects all of your critical workloads.

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Platform Components: Premier Protection for the Hybrid Cloud Enterprise

Powerful Backup. Fast, Reliable Recovery.

Own, control, back up and recover all your data at any location in the hybrid cloud.

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Proactive Monitoring and Analytics

Real-time visibility for proactive management and increased backup success.

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Stress-free recovery from any disaster

Reduce compliance risk and save valuable time when it's needed most.

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Veeam Data Platform — Packaging Options

Delivering Data Security, Data Recovery and Data Freedom to your entire hybrid environment, including cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Available in three powerful, enterprise-grade editions.


What's New in Veeam Data Platform?

  • Trusted immutability
  • Cyber resiliency
  • Hybrid-cloud optimization

Protect More and Recover Faster

NEW direct-to-object storage, expanded cloud-native support and trusted immutability everywhere offer greater ransomware protection, allowing you to protect more and recover faster with the efficiency of working in a single platform.

New Capabilities

NEW Direct to Object Storage Backups

Direct to On-premises Object Storage

Send your enterprise scale datacenter backups directly to Veeam’s broad ecosystem of object storage partners on-premises with the performance you need to meet your goals.

Direct to Cloud Object Storage

Reduce the overall cost and complexity of managing new and existing infrastructure backups at the edge with direct backups to object storage in the cloud.


Expanded Options for Cloud Backups

Ensure zero-loss recovery with more ways to backup workloads that are born in or migrated to the cloud with full application awareness via cloud-integrated agents.

NEW Immutable Storage for Microsoft Azure Blob

Ensure data integrity with immutability options for on-premises backups that were tiered or written directly to Azure Blob Storage.

Immutability for Cloud-Native Workloads

Add a critical layer of security to your AWS- and Azure-hosted workloads with WORM functionality for backups that are tiered to object storage.

Stop Cyberthreats at the Door

Prevent unauthorized access with support for MFA, passwordless gMSA accounts, Kerberos-only and IPv6-only environments.

Multi-cloud Visibility

Proactively monitor your multi-cloud backup policies with simple at-a-glance reports and new alarms.

Fastest Ransomware Response

Enable the quickest response to ransomware attacks by actively detecting threats and malicious behavior before you restore with clean data.

Immutability for More of the Enterprise

Reduce the cyberthreat attack surface of your enterprise with expanded immutable backups and reporting of NAS, Oracle, SAP and SAP HANA workloads, plus additional immutability for HPE StoreOnce Catalyst target storage.

Streamlined Recovery for Enterprise Apps

Directly backup to Veeam repositories with NEW Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server, while NEW Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL helps standardize recovery.

Enterprise-grade Protection Management

Simplify the management of large and complex environments with flexible policy-like jobs and new at-a-glance recovery time objective (RTO) and RPO status views with specific service level agreement (SLA) compliance reporting.

Eliminate NAS Access Gaps

Maintain a user’s full read/write access to SMB file shares after a disaster with new Instant Recovery for NAS backups.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Optimize moving or copying backups between different storage types while preserving data reduction with new and intelligent backup data migration.

Reliable, Low-RPO DRaaS

Meet stringent recovery objectives for critical workloads with Veeam’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to a Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partner.

Centralized Management of Kubernetes Backups

Centralized visibility and management of Kubernetes data protection with the new Veeam Backup & Replication™ plug-in for Kasten K10.

Excellence in the Ecosystem

Veeam’s Universal Storage API 2.0 and NEW Smart Object Storage API provide even more future- proofing for enterprise scalability and offsite resiliency. Ecosystem vendors include Pure Storage, Scality and Object First as the inaugural launch partners that integrate with these new APIs.


A data platform is a set of integrated tools and technologies that enable an organization to effectively collect, store, process and analyze data. It provides a central repository for all data types, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, as well as the tools and infrastructure needed to process and analyze this data. A data platform can also help an organization gain insight, make data-driven decisions, and drive business value by using data. It can also empower the organization with the ability to build and deploy data-driven applications and services.

A data platform is important because it is a central repository for all an organization's data, and provides a foundation for building applications and data-driven processes. It allows an organization to store, process and analyze large amounts of data in a scalable and cost-effective way, and provides a single source of truth for data that can be used in multiple applications and teams. Additionally, a data platform can help an organization manage, secure and govern its data, as well as enable data-driven decision making by providing real-time access to data insights and analytics.

Veeam Data Platform is a collection of products and services that work together to provide a comprehensive data protection and management solution. This includes capabilities like data backup, recovery and replication along with backup security and data observability. This solution is designed to help organizations manage, protect and optimize their data across a variety of environments, whether they be cloud, virtual and physical.

Veeam Data Platform is built on top of Veeam's industry-leading data backup and recovery software, Veeam Backup & Replication™, which provides fast, reliable and easy-to-use data backup and data recovery for a variety of systems and applications. This also includes features like instant recovery, backup copy and replication, which enables organizations to quickly restore their data in the event of an outage or disaster.

In addition to these core data protection capabilities, the Premium version of Veeam Data Platform also includes several other features and services that help organizations better manage and govern their backup data and compliance. This includes features like data archiving, analytics and observability, which help organizations better understand and control their data.

Overall, the Premium version of Veeam Data Platform is designed to be a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for organizations that are looking to protect, manage and optimize their data.

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