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Veeam Recovery Orchestrator
Increase business resilience and meet compliance in less time

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Be compliant and ready for disaster with orchestrated recovery

Veeam® Recovery Orchestrator reduces compliance risk and saves valuable time by automating recovery processes. From mission-critical workloads with near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) to the applications that have been neglected due to a lack of planning resources, Veeam provides a powerful, easy to use solution for business resiliency including:

  • Dynamically generated DR plans that can prove compliance
  • Fully automated DR tests that confirm your recovery objectives can be met
  • One-click recovery to keep operations running smoothly

Proven Recovery Orchestration

Reduce compliance risk and prove resilience by automating recovery processes with testing and documentation

Increase Confidence in Your Recovery Plan

Say goodbye to brand damage and loss of customer confidence with a proven solution that ensures recovery every time.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Reliable testing reduces compliance risk for your business.

Save Valuable Time

Automated DR Plan documentation, testing and verification.

Prove Business Resiliency

The recovery point objective and recovery time objective (RPO and RTO) dashboard proves service level agreement (SLA) achievement.

Why You Need a DR Plan

Ransomware is a disaster. When organizations were asked about the various hindrances to their digital and IT transformation initiatives for 2023, cyberthreats were considered to be the most common and most concerning challenge.


of organizations were successfully attacked by ransomware at least once in 2022.

Less than 50%

of encrypted or destroyed data was recoverable in those attacks.

Cloud, Virtual and Physical Environments


Veeam Data Platform natively protects all of your critical workloads.

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Protected Workloads

Key Capabilities:

Streamlined Recovery Orchestration

Recovery to Cloud

Orchestrated Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure gives your business additional resiliency with DR to the cloud.

Clean Recovery

Restore clean data by iterating scans for ransomware to find the most recent clean restore point.

Agent Recovery

Quickly recover Veeam Agent backups as virtual machines (VMs) in both Azure and vSphere.

Wizard-Driven Planning

Easily build comprehensive DR plans for applications and sites that are automatically updated and verified.

Enterprise Integration

Integrate into your environment with APIs and run custom scripts during testing and execution.

Secure Role-based Access

Delegate and control secure access for application owners and operations teams.

Automated Testing

Perform zero-impact DR tests, either scheduled or on-demand, to ensure that your required RTOs and RPOs can be met.

Instant Test Lab

Use DR resources for patch testing and more without impacting production.

Application Verification

Verify that your common enterprise applications are functioning as expected after recovery.

Visible Business Resilience

Easily regulate current and previous resiliency testing that checks for DR problems.

One-click Recovery

Recover single applications or entire site from any location with just one click from the web interface.

Dynamic Documentation

Automatically generate and create DR documentation to prove readiness and compliance.

What's New in Veeam Data Platform?

  • Trusted immutability
  • Cyber resiliency
  • Hybrid-cloud optimization

Protect More and Recover Faster

NEW direct-to-object storage, expanded cloud-native support and trusted immutability everywhere offer greater ransomware protection, allowing you to protect more and recover faster with the efficiency of working in a single platform.

New Capabilities

NEW Direct to Object Storage Backups

Direct to On-premises Object Storage

Send your enterprise scale datacenter backups directly to Veeam’s broad ecosystem of object storage partners on-premises with the performance you need to meet your goals.

Direct to Cloud Object Storage

Reduce the overall cost and complexity of managing new and existing infrastructure backups at the edge with direct backups to object storage in the cloud.


Expanded Options for Cloud Backups

Ensure zero-loss recovery with more ways to backup workloads that are born in or migrated to the cloud with full application awareness via cloud-integrated agents.

NEW Immutable Storage for Microsoft Azure Blob

Ensure data integrity with immutability options for on-premises backups that were tiered or written directly to Azure Blob Storage.

Immutability for Cloud-Native Workloads

Add a critical layer of security to your AWS- and Azure-hosted workloads with WORM functionality for backups that are tiered to object storage.

Stop Cyberthreats at the Door

Prevent unauthorized access with support for MFA, passwordless gMSA accounts, Kerberos-only and IPv6-only environments.

Multi-cloud Visibility

Proactively monitor your multi-cloud backup policies with simple at-a-glance reports and new alarms.

Fastest Ransomware Response

Enable the quickest response to ransomware attacks by actively detecting threats and malicious behavior before you restore with clean data.

Immutability for More of the Enterprise

Reduce the cyberthreat attack surface of your enterprise with expanded immutable backups and reporting of NAS, Oracle, SAP and SAP HANA workloads, plus additional immutability for HPE StoreOnce Catalyst target storage.

Streamlined Recovery for Enterprise Apps

Directly backup to Veeam repositories with NEW Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server, while NEW Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL helps standardize recovery.

Enterprise-grade Protection Management

Simplify the management of large and complex environments with flexible policy-like jobs and new at-a-glance recovery time objective (RTO) and RPO status views with specific service level agreement (SLA) compliance reporting.

Eliminate NAS Access Gaps

Maintain a user’s full read/write access to SMB file shares after a disaster with new Instant Recovery for NAS backups.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Optimize moving or copying backups between different storage types while preserving data reduction with new and intelligent backup data migration.

Reliable, Low-RPO DRaaS

Meet stringent recovery objectives for critical workloads with Veeam’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to a Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partner.

Centralized Management of Kubernetes Backups

Centralized visibility and management of Kubernetes data protection with the new Veeam Backup & Replication™ plug-in for Kasten K10.

Excellence in the Ecosystem

Veeam’s Universal Storage API 2.0 and NEW Smart Object Storage API provide even more future- proofing for enterprise scalability and offsite resiliency. Ecosystem vendors include Pure Storage, Scality and Object First as the inaugural launch partners that integrate with these new APIs.

Veeam Data Platform — Packaging Options

Delivering Data Security, Data Recovery and Data Freedom to your entire hybrid environment, including cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Available in three powerful, enterprise-grade editions.



A DR solution should be easy to configure and easy to use. The last thing anyone wants to worry about in a disaster needing to figure out how things work! It is essential that your DR solution has an easy-to-use and easy-to-access user interface to allow stakeholders — administrators, operators and application owners — to use it.

It is also very important that your DR solution meets your compliance requirements by verifying key metrics like RPOs and RTOs. Proving that you’re always ready to meet these metrics is one of the most important aspects of DR. Your DR solution should make it easy to verify these metrics on a frequent and scheduled basis.

A DR solution should also be able to dynamically generate documentation and provide an audit log of any changes to your DR Plan. This documentation should be easy to customize and automatically sendable to key stakeholders as needed. Documentation is one of the most important aspects of a DR Plan, but it’s often overlooked.

Recovering from disaster isn’t easy. It costs businesses time, money and resources, but it’s one of the most critical plans to have in place for any organization. The expense of an outage due to disaster far exceeds the cost of having a recovery Plan.

DR software streamlines and automates your recovery processes, with testing and documentation so you are ready when the time comes.

There are many good reasons to do yearly recovery testing. First and foremost, yearly testing can prove whether your plan works or not. If the plan doesn’t work, doesn’t meet your desired SLAS, or issues are found, DR tests are a great opportunity to make the necessary changes to ensure your plan will be successful when it matters most.

While yearly testing is good, more frequent, automated testing is better and increase your rate of recovery success.

NEW Veeam® Recovery Orchestrator v6 delivers automated recovery to Microsoft Azure, restore of any Veeam Agent backups as virtual machines (VMs), orchestrated anti-virus scanning during test and recovery, and more!

Read Veeam Recovery Orchestrator — What's new Datasheet (PDF)

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