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Full visibility for proactive management and recovery success

Veeam® Data Platform Advanced Edition™ pairs the expansive backup and recovery features of Veeam Backup & Replication™ with powerful monitoring, analytics and compliance capabilities of Veeam ONE. Own, control, back up, recover and monitor all your data anywhere in the hybrid cloud with this enterprise-grade solution that provides:

  • Failproof backup for your hybrid cloud ecosystem
  • Guaranteed recovery from the pioneer of instant recovery
  • Deep analytics with insights and automation deliver error-free operations


Lack of visibility across your backup environments can lead to data loss, undiscovered malicious activity, and compliance violations.

Proactive Management With Real-time Visibility

Veeam’s powerful IT monitoring and analytics capabilities, powered by Veeam ONE™, provide intelligent insights and visibility that help users identify and resolve issues before they cause problems, ensuring critical data protection.

Real-time Monitoring

Quickly mitigate potential issues before they become threats.

Comprehensive Reporting

Stay secure by always knowing your protection status.

Automated Remediation

Minimize downtime by eliminating the need for manual responses.

Cloud, Virtual and Physical Environments


Veeam Data Platform natively protects all of your critical workloads.

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Protected Workloads

Key Capabilities:

Powerful Monitoring, Alerts and Analytics

Proactive Alerting

Stay aware and mitigate potential issues before they become threats to your environment with the help of 340+ preset alarms.

Possible Ransomware Alarms

Combat malware with a series of alarms that help identify abnormalities that may be occurring in your environment, which may be signs of malicious activity.

Intelligent Diagnostics

Minimize downtime with proactive issue resolutions to common backup problems.

Remediation Actions

Eliminate the need for manual alarm responses by setting up automated, self-healing and policy-based fixes for common backup and infrastructure-related issues.

Reporting and Analytics

Leverage 150+ pre-built reports for decision making and analysis, including infrastructure performance and configuration assessments.

Backup Compliance Reporting

Know your data’s location and its protection status at all times. Remain compliant with reports that list data sources, grouped by production location, including location and recovery point objective (RPO) targets.

Capacity Planning

Easily forecast resource usage and utilization trends for VMware, Hyper-V and backup environments to determine when resources and computing will max out.

Chargeback and Billing

Save time and reduce planning complexities by calculating the cost of compute and storage resource consumption by customer, and bill accordingly.

Backup Object Change Tracking

Gain detailed information on backup infrastructure configuration changes that were performed during the reporting period, including the exact time of the change and the name of the user who made the change.

What's New in Veeam Data Platform?

  • Trusted immutability
  • Cyber resiliency
  • Hybrid-cloud optimization

Protect More and Recover Faster

NEW direct-to-object storage, expanded cloud-native support and trusted immutability everywhere offer greater ransomware protection, allowing you to protect more and recover faster with the efficiency of working in a single platform.

New Capabilities

NEW Direct to Object Storage Backups

Direct to On-premises Object Storage

Send your enterprise scale datacenter backups directly to Veeam’s broad ecosystem of object storage partners on-premises with the performance you need to meet your goals.

Direct to Cloud Object Storage

Reduce the overall cost and complexity of managing new and existing infrastructure backups at the edge with direct backups to object storage in the cloud.


Expanded Options for Cloud Backups

Ensure zero-loss recovery with more ways to backup workloads that are born in or migrated to the cloud with full application awareness via cloud-integrated agents.

NEW Immutable Storage for Microsoft Azure Blob

Ensure data integrity with immutability options for on-premises backups that were tiered or written directly to Azure Blob Storage.

Immutability for Cloud-Native Workloads

Add a critical layer of security to your AWS- and Azure-hosted workloads with WORM functionality for backups that are tiered to object storage.

Stop Cyberthreats at the Door

Prevent unauthorized access with support for MFA, passwordless gMSA accounts, Kerberos-only and IPv6-only environments.

Multi-cloud Visibility

Proactively monitor your multi-cloud backup policies with simple at-a-glance reports and new alarms.

Fastest Ransomware Response

Enable the quickest response to ransomware attacks by actively detecting threats and malicious behavior before you restore with clean data.

Immutability for More of the Enterprise

Reduce the cyberthreat attack surface of your enterprise with expanded immutable backups and reporting of NAS, Oracle, SAP and SAP HANA workloads, plus additional immutability for HPE StoreOnce Catalyst target storage.

Streamlined Recovery for Enterprise Apps

Directly backup to Veeam repositories with NEW Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server, while NEW Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL helps standardize recovery.

Enterprise-grade Protection Management

Simplify the management of large and complex environments with flexible policy-like jobs and new at-a-glance recovery time objective (RTO) and RPO status views with specific service level agreement (SLA) compliance reporting.

Eliminate NAS Access Gaps

Maintain a user’s full read/write access to SMB file shares after a disaster with new Instant Recovery for NAS backups.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Optimize moving or copying backups between different storage types while preserving data reduction with new and intelligent backup data migration.

Reliable, Low-RPO DRaaS

Meet stringent recovery objectives for critical workloads with Veeam’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to a Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partner.

Centralized Management of Kubernetes Backups

Centralized visibility and management of Kubernetes data protection with the new Veeam Backup & Replication™ plug-in for Kasten K10.

Excellence in the Ecosystem

Veeam’s Universal Storage API 2.0 and NEW Smart Object Storage API provide even more future- proofing for enterprise scalability and offsite resiliency. Ecosystem vendors include Pure Storage, Scality and Object First as the inaugural launch partners that integrate with these new APIs.

How it works

Protection That You Can Measure

Real-time Monitoring

Quickly Mitigate Issues

Identify abnormalities with 340+ preset alarms - including signs of ransomware

Comprehensive Reporting

Always Know Your Protection Status

Analyze trends, utilization, and compliance goals with 150+ pre-built reports

Offsite Replication

Secure, Built-in Backup Replication

Securely replicate backup data and VM replicas from any, to any storage

Automated Remediation

Eliminate the Need for Manual Responses

Proactively resolve common backup issues with automated diagnostics and fixes

Veeam Data Platform — Packaging Options

Delivering Data Security, Data Recovery and Data Freedom to your entire hybrid environment, including cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Available in three powerful, enterprise-grade editions.



What gets measured gets done. Without the proper system monitoring tools and IT monitoring software, many things can happen and small issues can quickly turn into large headaches. This is true for all business sizes, for everything from small businesses to the enterprise. These monitoring tools are designed to make things easy by automating the collection and analysis needed to provide you with up-to-the-minute information that will help keep your systems and infrastructure running smoothly. What truly differentiates many solutions is that they also come with intelligence built-in to detect erroneous or even malicious activity within your systems. Such activity can ultimately lead to downtime or data loss, which can have a negative effect on your customer’s confidence and overall trust in your system’s abilities to meet security and availability goals.

When it comes to monitoring tools and IT monitoring software in general, there are a few key table stakes that are prerequisite when choosing a solution.

  • Ability to monitor 24x7x365. Your business and/or data most likely work all day, every day. Without up-to-the-minute monitoring, you cannot stay aware of the pitfalls that potentially await your next move. You already know that things rarely go wrong when you are in front of the administrator console, but will go wrong when you’re asleep soundly in bed. So, it’s important to have a strong IT monitoring solution ready to catch the things that go bump in the night.
  • Proactive alerting. So you're monitoring every minute of every day – now what? A key capability for monitoring tools and IT monitoring software is the ability to proactively make you aware of erroneous or malicious activity taking place right when it happens, not after damage has already been done. System monitoring tools that have proactive alerting will increase your chances of avoiding disaster and reduce your time to resolution when solving both common and complex problems.
  • Intelligent remediation. You’ve chosen your system monitoring tools. Great! You are now monitoring successfully and have proactive alerting to keep you up-to-date and ready to spring into action. But what about those things that go bump in the night? What about those annoying problems that are common and can be easily resolved? In the world of backup and recovery, enterprise monitoring across your backup infrastructure via intelligent remediation can help solve the most common backup problems, including human error, media failure, network failure and hardware failure. Using known fixes or pre-configuring corrections for common policy offences is the ONLY way you can ensure your jobs run without fail and your data is protected and ready for recovery when you need it most.

At its core, server monitoring helps keep you up-to-date by reviewing, analyzing and reporting processes that impact overall operations including security, availability and general health. However, system monitoring tools are important for more than just ensuring that they’re adequately serving their applications and users. In addition to monitoring applications’ availability and responsiveness, storage is closely monitored to provide you with warnings when your data is nearing storage thresholds or underperforming. In addition, IT monitoring software can help you understand additional items that could affect overall performance. These items include CPU and memory usage, general storage availability and overall system responsiveness that support the applications your business relies on. Just like with proactive alerting, server monitoring also helps with backup by keeping you up-to-date with information on what systems could impact or reduce your server’s health and ability to meet the goals of your Modern Data Protection strategy.

Veeam V12 brings many enterprise-grade capabilities that are optimized for the hybrid cloud and harden your security posture with trusted immutability and features that improve your ransomware response with cyber–resilient and orchestrated recovery.

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